Membership Application / L’Application d’Adhesion

CRA Membership Application / L’Application d’adhésion de l’ARC

Membership to the Canadian Ringsport Association includes:

Voting privileges in all membership votes (non-board issues and IF application is submitted priot to January 1st);
The ability to compete in any French Ring trial recognized by the CRA and partner organizations;
The ability to purchase scorebooks for eligible dogs (contact a board member if you have any questions regarding this);
Copies of all CRA Newsletters; and
Access to the CRA Messaging Forum.

Membership Dues:

Early Bird Membership – $100 if submitted and paid prior to January 1st
Regular Membership – $125 if submitted and paid on or after January 1st


Please complete the online application below and it will automatically be sent to the CRA Secretary (if you encounter any problems, please contact the secretary at:
Please send payment to the CRA Treasurer by:
email transfer – send to:

IMPORTANT – Electronic transfers are preferred.  When doing so, please send a SEPARATE EMAIL containing the password for the email transfer.  Do not send registered mail or mail which requires signatures, unless requiring a “rush” application.  Applications require 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery. Any incomplete or illegible forms and any delays in payment will cause a delay in processing your membership. All documents are shipped with Canada Post. If you require expedited shipping, please select the “RUSH” option in the application and indicate the date the documents are required. An additional fee of $50 will be applied.

    First Name/Pre-Nom:

    Last Name/Nom:

    Street Address/Rue & Address:



    Postal Code/Code de Postal:



    Club Affiliation/Affiliation Club:



    If RUSH (additional $50), please select date needed by/ Si accéleré (plus $50) svp mettre le date vous voulez:


    TERMS & LIABILITY: Please read below and check boxes if you agree
    TERMES & RESPONSABILITÉ: Veuillez lire et cocher les cases si vous acceptez.

    1. Yes, I have read and accept the terms of the

    Oui, j'ai lu et accepté les termes du CRA Member Liability Waiver/Renonciation membre de l'ARC.

    2. I solemnly swear the above information I have provided is accurate and true, with no errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Copies of information supplied to the CRA are from authentic and/or registered documents. Attempts to falsify documents or information to the CRA can result in suspension of the member and results ruled invalid.

    Je jure que les informations j'ai fourni est exact et vrai, avec pas des erreurs, omissions ou fausses déclarations. Les copies des informations fournies à l'ARC proviennent de documents authentiques et/ou enregistrés. Les tentatives de falsification de documents ou d'informations à l'ARC peuvent entraîner la suspension du membre et les résultats ont statué invalides.

    3. I solemnly swear to review the CRA rules/policies/by-laws and conduct myself in accordance with those rules/policies or by-laws.

    Je jure solennellement d'examiner les règles/politiques/règlements de l'ARC et me conduire conformément à ces règles/politiques ou règlements administratifs.

    Signature: (please print name below for an electronic signature)
    Signature: (SVP écrire votre nom pour un signature électronique)


    Additional Notes / Notes Complémentaires: