Dog Handler Club Score 1 Score 2 Canada Cup Average
Ring III
Iason du Domaine de Louxor (dit Ionn) Ryan Venables SOAR Ringsport 358.325 358.325
Alensation Von Hollenhund Kerri Lomax Lone Rock Ringsport 225.5 225.5
Ring II
Karma’s Little Myra Laurie McIntosh Caliber Canine North 266.6 266.6
Krazy Kaos du Chenil de Chasseur Laurie McIntosh Caliber Canine North 230.4 230.4
Bijou de Lybbert Daniel Lybbert Lone Rock Ringsport 160.2 160.2
Ring I
Nuk Olvera FCI Mex Sarah Dennis Caliber Canine North 187.65 187.65
N’Zo Nobel Perez FCI Mex Julie Valero Caliber Canine North 184.6 184.6
Niak du Domaine de Louxor Jeffry Chan SOAR Ringsport 158.1 158.1
Furiae de Lybbert Amanda Thomas Lone Rock Ringsport 151.6 151.6
Hazard du Chenil de Loucyn Glenn Robbins Ottawa Working Ring Dogs 144.05 144.05
The Protector B’Mac Stephanie Schreiber Ind. 140.55 140.55


*Standings as of Oct. 13, 2019

All dogs with a “*” at the end of their total score are eligible to win the National Championship