Judges & Decoys


Name Level Location E-Mail Phone
John Bayreuther Lvl 2, 3 Québec info@canadak9.com 514.836.5646
Ryan Venables Lvl 1 Ontario ryan@SOARringsport.com 519.933.4634
Geoff Empey Apprentice Ontario ottawadogtraining@gmail.com 613.228.2828
Laurie McIntosh Apprentice Alberta lminto@shaw.ca 403.710.9555

Level 1:  Judges are able to judge internationally.
Level 2:  Level 1 + Judges are able to select decoys.
Level 3:  Level 1 + Judges are considered formative.

*NOTE:  Apprentice judges are not yet qualified to judge trials.


Name Certification Expires Club Location Certified By Contact
Level III
Level II
Daniel Lybbert October 29, 2022 Lone Rock Ringsport Alberta Moucheghian (France) nlybbert@outlook.com 403.795.6969
Saul Garcia September 29, 2022 Caliber Canine North Alberta Piton (France) sgco85@hotmail.com 403.869.6143
Level I
Benoit Maye September 12, 2019 Club de Ring de Quebec Quebec Touy (France) infocsik9@gmail.com 514.927.0310
Frederick Labrousse August 20, 2020 North Toronto Ring Club Ontario Secretain (France) fredmember@gmail.com 647.519.5653
Misael Baez May 9, 2021 Lone Rock Ringsport Alberta Bayreuther (CRA) misaelbaez27@gmail.com 587.877.8485
Charles Cardinal August 27, 2021 Club de Ring de Quebec Quebec Billat (France) charles_cardinal@hotmail.com 514.708.3203

NOTE: Decoys are inactive for administrative reasons and cannot be used for trials until they are active.