Board of Directors

The current members of the Board of Directors is elected/appointed for the terms inclusive of January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2018


President: John Bayreuther

John has been involved in French Ring in Canada for almost 10 years.  Residing just north of Montreal, John is the President of the Club de Ring de la Montagne and their training decoy.  He first achieved success with his multiple Ring III Champion Capo.  John regularly travels throughout the continent judging events for various clubs.

T: 514.836.5646

Vice-President: Frederick Labrousse

Fred is a CRA selected decoy and started French Ring in his native France.  Fred has been involved with French Ring in Canada and France for an extended period of time and resides in the Greater Toronto Area.  Fred founded the North Toronto Ring Club after moving to Ontario from Quebec.  He has achieved success with many dogs both in Canada and in France.  Fred was appointed to the VP position in December 2017.

T: 647.519.5653

Secretary: Ryan Venables

Ryan has been involved with the CRA for over five years and is the President and Co-Founder of SOAR Ringsport in London, ON and is one of their training decoys.  Ryan is actively competing with his two Belgian Malinois’ Indi and Ionn.  Indi, recently retired, was Ryan’s first dog and finished her career in Ring II.  Ryan is now competing with Ionn, who is the current 2017 CRA Ring III Champion.  

T: 519.933.4634

Treasurer:  Alexandra Venables

 Alex has been actively involved with the CRA since 2010 and is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of SOAR Ringsport in London, ON.  Alex is actively training and trialling with her Belgian Malinois, Ludo in Ring III.   Alex is looking forward to continued success with Ludo after retiring her first Belgian Malinois, Mako.

T: 519.902.6256

Director-at-Large: Mike Rusu 

Mike is a founding member of the Club de Ring des 3 Brasseurs, affectionately known as the “3B’s”.  Mike has achieved success in Canada and the US.  Mike resides in the Montreal area and has been involved with French Ring in Canada for almost 10 years and is also a CRA Lvl II decoy.

T: 514.651.5194‬


Director of Decoys – Frederick Labrousse

West Region Representative – 

East Region Representative – 

Webmaster – Ryan Venables

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